Baked Sweets Parade Special JSK Set

Name: Baked Sweets Parade

Brand: Angelic Pretty

Released: 2017

Lolibrary: Baked Sweets Parade Special JSK Set

In one of my old YouTube videos, I accidentally called this Bake Wasted. I will not stop calling it Bake Wasted and you can't stop me. I bought Bake Wasted at Dream Masquerade Carnival in 2017. AP were the brand guest so I was dying with excitement to buy a brand new brand piece from my favourite brand (I was a new (lol)ita at this point). I was mildly salty that once I got there, I didn't like anything they had to offer, so I bought this just to say I'd bought something (don't try this at home kids). Turns out, I fell in love this this piece as soon as I tried it on, but heck, don't buy a dress for this reason y'all.
Edit: It's now call the bastard dress.